Ukraine, Update.

putlerSo there is a war going on in Ukraine and it has absolutely zero impact on the news until Prince Charles whispers the obvious observation, “Putin is just like Hitler”.

There is nothing we didn’t already know in that statement, many journalists have made the connection including myself in earlier thoughts on the Ukrainian crisis.

The thing that shocks me is the lack of interest being shown in the media. I wish I had the impact to motivate people all over the world to demand the UN, US and Europe stand by their promises made in the Budapest Memorandum and protect Ukrainian sovereignty and the people there and allow them to decide their own future.

This coming weekend there are elections in Ukraine, this could be the turning point, a uniting of ideals in Ukraine. Or it could be the trigger point, a moment of weakness as it was when the last government collapsed and Putin used the vacuum to begin his invasion of Crimea.

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