The Crimea Referendum or; How To March Across Europe

UKRAINE-RUSSIA-POLITICS-UNREST-CRIMEA-TROOPSAs I write this the Crimea Referendum is taking place 1,460 miles to the east of me. A vote proposed at gun point only ten days ago.

I am speechless at the lack of decisive action taken by the UN, Europe or the US. The Ukraine have been left to fend for themselves while the powers who were supposed to protect their sovereignty have done nothing except make woolly threats.

While those that could help have done nothing Russia has continued its occupation of Crimea, Ukrainians have continued to die and the world has been distracted by the missing Malaysian 777 flight MH370.

I have one laptop permanently open on the news tickers looking for new reports coming out of Ukraine, Crimea or Russia but there is noting. I was planning on writing about how the referendum was just a distraction while Russia massed it troops but if it was they didn’t need it. No one is paying any attention. The ostrich politics practised here is something I thought only the UK government played but when it comes to the troubles in Ukraine it seems the whole world is just hoping if they ignore it , it might go away.

The problem is, it wont go away. Ignoring the problem or talking sanctions will simply have all parties involve retreating into ‘cold war’ politics while in Ukraine they will have real war with guns, bullets, bombs, tanks and many, many dead.

Real war and death. Just days ago I speculated that should the UN do nothing to prevent it Russia would continue to march across Ukraine as soon as they felt Crimea was secure, it is perfectly logical.

“How to march across Europe”

  1. Occupy a soft, friendly target [Crimea] to test the resolve of the enemy.
  2. Occupy the surrounding ‘buffer’ countries [Ukraine] to protect your new citizens.
  3. If stage 1 and 2 were completed with little or no resistance then continue across Europe.

As I write this stage one is complete and stage two has begun.

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