My Love Hate Relationship with Flipboard

photoMy name is Stephen Spencer and I am an addict. My drug of choice was created by a guy called Mike McCue, it is an app on my iPad and it is called Flipboard.

Since it was first aired on an Apple iPad commercial I have been using it and with Flipboard v2 I have created my own magazines.

Some say this app and the beautiful way it displays content was single handedly responsible for selling a million [or probably more] iPads. I would not doubt it for a moment.

I have created a magazine to keep my Reading List. Another to support my website at And another to follow the troubles in Ukraine. I will almost certainly make more but I feel jaded.

Something is missing.

I need to know who is reading my magazines, where they are, how they found it and what did they click. This is not just my ego crying out to be massaged, this is my reason for investing my time in creating the magazine. If I dont know the KPI’s I can not justify the time I spend curating my magazines.

The implications are simple, if the situation does not change I will redirect my marketing effort at something I can quantify and Flipboard will never mature beyond being a portal to second hand Facebook feeds. [And my original content]

So what can be done?

  1. Provide analytics.
  2. Connect us to our subscribers.
  3. Give me a job at Flipboard.