Plausable Deniability, How superpowers fight their battles.

imageWhen the little green men began appearing in Crimea in February 2014 Russia denied they were their own troops claiming they were local Crimean security forces but on March 28, Putin revealed the truth when he congratulated Russian officers in the Kremlin for their conduct of the Crimean operation. The Russian Defense Ministry issued a victory medal for the “return of Crimea.”

Then in a May 18 telethon, Mr. Putin acknowledged that the troops in Crimea were Russian.

As the operations in Crimea came to a close Russian troops began massing on the borders with Ukraine for what was advertised as military exercises. The Russians were not alone in the dissemination of misinformation as the Americans and British conducted naval exercises in the seas to the south of Crimea.

Publicly the NATO countries, the EU and the Americans made statements to the effect that they would apply sanctions against Russia if they continued. So Russia organized, armed, trained and deployed “Pro Russian Ukranian nationals” while the Ukraine government asked for help and didnt get any.

Now a war is taking place in the east of Ukraine between the Russian sponsored troops and the Ukrainian Army.

Mostly forgotten by the western press the Ukraine crisis landed squarely back on the front pages last week when a Russian supplied ground to air missile, fired by a Pro Russian fighter in the east of Ukraine brought down the Malaysian airliner MH17 killing 298 people.

In an environment where everyone was turning a blind eye to the events this should have been the moment of revelation, the time the whole world could have sat up and voiced their protest.

Then, as I write this in what is a chilling reminder of what triggered the Russian invasion of Crimea this arrives on my desk;

Donetsk, Ukraine (CNN) — Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his Cabinet announced their resignation Thursday.

“I announce my resignation after the collapse of the coalition and the blocking of government initiatives,” Yatsenyuk told parliament.

And in perfect syncronisity Russia drops the charade and begins firing directly on Ukraine from its own side of the border.

Clearly Russia considers it has no opposition and is planning on taking Ukraine even if the UN, America and the UK will threaten to hold a meeting to discuss more sanctions.

That will be after the meeting when they decide it is fine to continue shipping weapons to Russia.

Im sorry Ukraine.

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