Empty Threats

russia-ukraine-senate-address.siSo, what are you going to do then? The Russians have occupied Crimea, told the world they have a right to be there and refused to discuss it. They have their feet under the table.

Meanwhile European leaders and the US are running around like the proverbial ‘headless chickens’ making empty threats. No wonder the Russians are comfortable.

Does anyone know what EU Sanction Phase II is? what was Phase I and what will Phase III be? I don’t and to be fair I doubt Putin knows either, or cares. I looked it up but found nothing. I asked and I am still waiting for a reply, I guess they don’t know either.

All we have to go in is what the EU Leaders are saying. So this is what we ‘know’ about Phase II;

  • It might commence on Monday.
  • It might include visa restrictions.
  • It might include asset freezing.
  • It might include cancelling meetings.

Honestly, I can see Putin backing off with those ‘threats’, not. If that is Phase II I wonder what Phase III might include?

  • Not allowing flights into Russia?
  • Not paying the bill for oil and gas imports?
  • Getting very red faced and stamping our feet?

Come on people, do something!

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