Did you hear me wanking over that?

Radio 1 DJ Nick GrimshawWhile shuffling paper and making a few phone calls this morning I am listening to Nick Grimshaw, BBC Radio 1, Breakfast Show, it’s December 2nd 2014 at 09:50am.

As one monotonous tune blends in to the next piece of derivative rubbish the [thinks he is funnier than he is] DJ pitches in with some false enthusiasm for the last track, and I quote him here;

“Did you hear me wanking over that?”

I wasn’t sure I had heard properly, I am old now and I don’t hear as well as I used to, so i asked the guy sitting next to me what he had heard just then. He didn’t need to say anything, his face said it all. The next piece of childish boyband rubbish was now playing so I pulled up the BBC web site and found out who I was listening to. Nick Grimshaw. Frankly I have no idea who this man is, he sounds just like all the other children presenting on Radio 1.

For a long time, and I don’t think its just my age, I have thought Radio 1 has lost its way. I remember when everyone listened to Radio 1, it was the place to be on a Saturday evening before you went out to the sixth form disco. It premiered some of the best bands in the world. Radio 1 pioneered the way and I have tuned in almost every day for the last 40+ years.

The problem is it seems Radio 1 has been dumbed down, like so much of the media content these days its like there is no budget any more, just fill the space with self proclaimed personalities and hope no one notices you are not spending money on content any more.

So where was I? Yes; You just cant have a prime time radio DJs saying “Did you hear me wanking over that” at 9:50 on a Tuesday morning. no excuses, no. A few minutes later; “Oh you thought you heard me say wanking, i said wanging; w a n g i n g”. He even spelt it out. Idiot.

Anyway, “Wanging”, according to the Urban Dictionary; To wang someone is to slap your wang in someones face from side to side repeatedly.

Like I said; Idiot.

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