Are The U.S. and the E.U. Deliberately Assisting Russia?

Dateline: Thursday 20th March 2014

U.S. and E.U. officials are meeting today to discuss possible further sanctions over the Russian occupation of Crimea. Sanctions so far enacted are limited to financial and visa restrictions on some 25 Russian individuals.

I wrote in The Art Of War about how military or political tacticians usually planned all possible options well in advance and kept those plans secret. In fact secrecy is an essential component of all success in this context.

The officials meeting in Brussels must be familiar with these concepts so what I do not understand is why are they meeting now, after the fact, and why are they telling the world what they are doing?

Or not doing. This may be closer to the point. So far the political tactic seems to be one of public inactivity and incompetence and when actions are to be taken plenty of warning is given to the aggressor.

This can only be explained one of two ways; Either the U.S. and the E.U. are deliberately assisting Russia in their mission to absorb Crimea or they are genuinely stupid.

I am not sure what I would prefer to believe. Either way it begs the question of where Putin will stop on his march across Europe. The Russian propaganda machine will use almost any argument if it gets them what they want.

crimea-referendum_2850933bFor example they used this poster in Crimea in the days before the referendum, the outline is Crimea, the message reads [Nazis] Or [Russia].

The Russian argument for supporting the occupation [and supply of unmarked troops] in Crimea is ethnic Russians living there need protection [from what?]. And they are preparing to use this argument for their occupation of Ukraine.

The Russian propaganda machine has also indicated they are concerned about the welfare of their nationals in Poland.

I ask again, why are the people who could do something about this doing noting?

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