Apple Watch. Why I Need One.

applewatch-550x310While I watched the Apple guys present their new baby last night I asked my self the question “How am I going to justify my purchase of an Apple Watch?” The answer is simple, I need it for work.

I need it for work because I am in the marketing business, people look to me for inspiration, for indications of trends, for a nod in the right direction. People, customers, look at me and need to know I am connected to the cutting edge of communication technology.

Wearing my Apple Watch will say “I know where my watch is at” and “I am an early adopter” and “I love good design” and “I live an integrated life”. When I tap it, stroke it, twiddle it or talk to it I am clearly cool with technology. When it buzzes quietly on my wrist I will know your calling.

Most of all, when I wear my Apple Watch I will be demonstrating technologies that you need to be adopting.

Millions of iPhone users will connect their Apple Watch to their phone and ultimately to their networks and share information that has never been so freely shared before. Apps will be developed to enable interactions in new ways, ways that did not exist before the Apple Watch. While I watched the presentation I thought to my self, “a remote for my iPhone camera”, and like magic it was presented to me. A heart rate monitor, movement sensors that know what I am doing and record my cycle to work or my walking the dog. Most importantly it will seamlessly collect the data and put in the right place, in the right format and present it to me in a typically Apple, beautiful way.

My Apple Watch will “Just Work” with all my other Apple products and in common with all other Apple devices I will not need a manual to operate it. The intuitive interface will both respond to my tentative prods in a positive and informative way and educate me in new ways to manipulate my new device.

I need an Apple Watch because it is a new medium never available to marketing people before. The newly created real estate, those few square milliliters on your wrist, will become some of the most desirable pieces of advertising space in the world.

The battle to be on your wrist begins here. Partner with me and I will supply the data.

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  1. Apple saw people like you coming!

    The new Apple Watch won’t be available before 2015. Its not waterproof and its battery life isn’t all that.

    A year from its launch they will bring out a waterproof one with a long battery life. I think I will wait.

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