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Read Between [the lines] is a new web site and we are working hard to develop it. We invite you to take part by reading the following then clicking through and joining in.

We are keen to hear your feedback.

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Our mission is to crowd source the truth.

It is simple, editors are responsible for the content and accuracy of the published news but it is clear that most editors have been compromised and their editorial decisions are made for the benefit of their share holders.

Read Between [the lines] has no share holders. It is wholly owned and operated by me - Sysop [the system operator] - and you are the editor - we only have one remit - to enable the people to collate the truth.

The truth is out there and we want you to help us put it together.

Read, create and contribute.

This web site is dedicated to you! We want you to know the truth and between us we will find it, all we need is time and patience.

To use this web site first search for the story you are interested in, use the key words from the story headline. If the story you are interested in is being discussed then click through and read on! If you have something to add to the story then please do contribute but read the posting guidelines first.

If you do not find the story you are interested in here then it needs creating so please go ahead and post a new discussion so we can all join in.

Posting Guidelines.

Accountability - Every person who contributes to Read Between is required to be accountable for their content. To ensure this is the case you are required to sign up and create a public profile before you can post anything. Your sign up will be verified by email and captcha and we can ask you to re-verify at any time.

Original content - When you post a new discussion it must come from another source, remember, we are here to find the truth behind the story, not create the story.

Source - Every time you add content from another source you must credit the original publisher and include the exact link to the original material in your post.

Valid content - Anything pertinent.

Verified sources

Part of finding the truth is bringing together the different versions of a story, like listening to many witnesses in court or inspecting the evidence so bringing other views or evidence to bear is encouraged but plagiarism is not so please be sure to credit all sources.


Arguments and insults - not permitted.

Let the fun begin

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